Feelin' Sexy Friday -- 20 Questions

This was sent to me by a reader. I think it is a great way to open up communication about sex. Try going through the questionnaire outside of the bedroom to get your motor runnning for later :) Here is the source. Enjoy!


20 Questions -- Conversation Starter about Sex
You can make this a date night activity or something to discuss as you go for a walk. You could also choose a night for some pillow talk (with no expectation that it will lead to anything...!) and then ask each other the following questions. You may want to take turns who answers each question first. Here we go!

1. What are three of your favorite things about lovemaking?
2. What three things did you previously think I liked most about lovemaking?
3. How often do you think most couples have sex?
4. What do you remember about our first kiss?
5. On a scale of 1-10 (1 = a little, 10 = a lot) how much do you enjoy kissing in general? What could make it better?
6. What is one of your favorite memories of us being intimate?
7. What are three things that happen outside "the bedroom" that make you most interested in being intimate?
8. What are three things that happen outside "the bedroom" that make you least interested in being intimate?
9, When we engage in non-sexual touch or affection (i.e. hold hands, hug, sit close, etc.) what does that usually communicate to you?
10. On a scale of 1-10 (1 = a little, 10 = a lot) how important is non-sexual touch and affection to you in our relationship?
11. Where do you most like being touched during lovemaking?
12. What does sex mean to you?
13. What is something you've thought might be fun to try sometime?
14. What misconceptions did you have about sex before we got married?
15. What is one thing you wish we would have done differently on our honeymoon?
16. How much do you think our honeymoon experiences affect the sexual relationship we have today?
17. Tell me what your ideal intimate encounter with me would be like?
18. What do you most think about or worry about when we are being intimate?
19. What do you most like me to say to you during lovemaking?
20. On a scale of 1-10 (1 = a little, 10 = a lot) how comfortable was it for us to have this conversation?

Did you try the questionnaire? What did you think? Would you like to see more conversation starters?


  1. I really enjoy the 20 questions. I will try them.

  2. I like the suggestion to discuss them OUTSIDE the bedroom to get your motor running for later!

  3. New to the site but I LOVE IT! Such awesome insight and ideas! I'm so going to be leaving my girls night tonight a little early to use these!

  4. I've been lurking on your site for weeks and love it but can't help but think it's something only a girl would "get." Like these questions for example. I'm a romantic at heart so any of this touchy-feely stuff appeals to me, but I think my husband would rather have his feet run over by the lawn mower than sit down and answer these questions. Maybe we're too much of an old married couple now after 4.5 years. How do the rest of you girls get your husbands interested in exercises like this? Or do you just not give him a choice? :)

  5. @Sourkrat, For us guys, sometimes it's harder to process through these kinds of questions without motivation. Since these questions are about sex, perhaps you can take these questions over a few days or weeks and tie an incentive around them.

    Make a game out of it. Call it a sex game. Use index cards and for example with the first two questions, after lovemaking he has to answer the questions or something. Make it a 7 day sex challenge, with a twenty question necessity.

    Sure, guys should do a better job with talking about stuff like this, but it takes practice for a guy to open up. And who knows, he may surprise you and be interested!

  6. i did this on our road trip last weekend and loved it...thanks : )


  7. Lol, jen we did this on a road trip as well! It was a fun way to pass the time.....



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